Imagine a diary. Writing itself.

Keeping your diary has never been easier. We’re launching a new personal and automated diary for iOS. Revue automatically translates the places you visited to entries in your diary and adds your beautiful pictures. And all this in the most personal way you can imagine.

Download Revue from the AppStore mid 2016

A diary. Automated and personal.

Ever wanted to write a diary but somehow never managed to stick to it for more then one week? Revue is an automated diary – it collects the photos you took, checks where you spent your time, adds information about your friends that joined you and creates diary entries all on its own. Thanks to Revue you will never forget one of your diary entries and memories ever again. Currently we are working on adding a lot more data sources to make you personal automated diary even more detailed. Stay tuned.

The cloud is not always the best solution. Revue keeps you safe.

Let's face it – the cloud is great when done right! But sometimes you don't want your data to be stored anywhere else. That's why we pay close attention to what data we request and what happens with it.

Services What we do
Apple Visits API The core of Revue. Your iPhone is automatically saving the GPS information of the places you visited. We use this information to automatically generate entries of your diary.
Photo library Revue is a visual diary. That's why we use the photos of the iPhone camera roll.
Foursquare To correctly label the places you visited we are sending the GPS location information without a timestamp to the Foursquare API – but only if we haven't found an matching adress in your address book.
Address book Talking about the address book: To correctly lable the places you visited we suggest you to use your address book. This way we can make sure your home, your workplace or your friends places are labeled correctly.
Mapbox We use Mapbox to display and style maps in Revue. For this we send them GPS location information without a timestamp. In the future we will make this information completely anonymous by passing it trough our own server.

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