A turn-based local multiplayer football game for the iPad.

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Is there anything better than enjoying a match of football (or soccer in case you are a soccer fan located in the U.S.) together with your friends? TapKick is a local multiplayer football game, so gather your friends around your iPad. Follow us on twitter @tapkick


A custom-made interface for football controls. Grab. Pull. Move. Shoot.

Instructions? No way! Just grab the ball – pull to set your shots' power, move around to set the direction of the ball, adjust the balls' spin useing the red mark and let go to shoot.
To move your keeper, just tap left or right, it’s that easy!

Select from 32 different teams with custom made badges.

Did you find a mistake in one of the badges? Please let us know via @tapkick on twitter.
We will make sure to change it in one of our next updates.